Custom Spaces Design, Inc. is a design studio that specializes in beautiful, functional, light-filled living spaces that you and your family will love to spend time in for many years to come. We’d be very glad to help you with your kitchen, bathroom or other room remodeling projects whether they be large or small.

Call us at 510.526.7333 or email us with questions or to schedule your complimentary 1 hour consultation

During your complimentary 1-hour Project Consultation we will listen carefully to your ideas and review the following with you:
  1. Introduction to our design staff and our full line of quality products
  2. Review of your rough floor plan measurements, “scrapbook” of design ideas (please see below), site photos and anything else you’d like to discuss relative to the space(s)
  3. Assess your design needs, space planning challenges, work flow, zone design options and your goals for the new space(s)
  4. Explanation of our design services, typical project timelines  and how we can best help you with your project
  5. Discussion of your available budget.


But before scheduling that consultation… here’s a list of things we ask folks to do ahead of time:
  1. Assemble a “scrapbook” of pictures, magazine tear-outs, books, articles and/or brochures with ideas you’d like to incorporate into your new space.  Or create an idea book on
  2. Ask everyone in your household for their “wish list” and priorities for the new space.
  3. Determine a budget you can live with. Is there any wiggle room?
  4. Sketch out your current floor plan (top “birdseye” view) and then take measurements of all walls, windows, doorways and ceiling height. Also make note of any structural details such as soffits, chases etc. that may impact cabinet or fixture placement & layout.
  5. If you have access to a digital camera, please take snapshots of each wall and other pertinent details and bring memory card or print-outs to your meeting (you can also email pics from your smart phone). Include photos of adjacent rooms if you’d like the spaces to tie together.
  6. Consider filling out our Planning Questionnaire.
  7. Compile these resources and bring them along with your spouse, partner or any other decision makers to our first meeting.


After your complimentary consultation, if you’d like to go forward with Custom Spaces to provide cabinetry, design services and any other building materials such as countertops, decorative tile & plumbing fixtures for your project, the next steps will be to:
  1. Ask you to sign our Design Services Agreement
  2. We’ll then ask for an appropriate Design Services Retainer Fee — to be applied towards:  site visit and measurement, design development, product specification, samples ordering, subsequent design development meetings, proposals, and client correspondence.
  3. Schedule a site visit so we can determine your existing conditions; take our own precise measurements, discuss further design options with you while we’re in your home and timelines for your project
  4. Create preliminary design schematics of both “Existing Conditions” and “Proposed” based on our collaborative ideas, confirmed site measurements and prior discussions
  5. Provide you with a 1st pass rough estimate for cabinetry, counter tops and other finishes based on your initial design and the finishes you’ve chosen
  6. Continue refining your design schematics (if necessary) until you are completely satisfied, ready to finalize and place orders with us for cabinetry and other finish materials
  7. Create Final cost proposals for cabinetry, counter tops, backsplash tile, hardware, cabinet glass, etc., based on your finalized designs


Once your design and layout are finalized and you’re ready to purchase cabinets and/or other fixtures, we will set up a final meeting to:

  1. Review in 3D all the details of your new proposed spaces
  2. Review and sign the final set of CAD drawings for your new spaces (plans must be signed & approved before any cabinetry orders placed)
  3. Ask you for payment for the purchase of your cabinets, fixtures and other finish materials
  4. Review the next steps for your project and any project timelines and discuss cabinetry lead-times,installation, counter top installation, flooring, etc.)


And if Custom Spaces will be preparing your Permit sets (ie., construction documents), we will then:

  1. Ask for payment on the permit sets (in advance)
  2. Prepare permit-ready construction drawings based on project timeline as previously discussed


In addition to cabinets, countertops and plumbing fixtures, we are also glad to help you with the selection of:

  • paint colors
  • major appliances
  • flooring materials
  • backsplash materials (e.g., ceramic or glass tile, stainless steel etc.)
  • decorative lighting
  • window & doors

Tips for Surviving Your Remodel

New to remodeling? Check out our guide to the process, phases of the project, turn-around times, and tips for survival:

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