Planning questionnaire

The following is a detailed questionnaire that can help us with the planning & design phases of your remodeling project. Please print a copy, fill out the relevant questions and bring it with you when we meet to discuss your project.



Email address:

Contact phone numbers:

Contractor’s name and phone (if applicable):

Architect’s name and phone (if applicable):

Time & budget

What is the scope of your remodeling project?

When would you like to begin your remodeling project?

Have you established a budget? yes no

If so, how much can you spend on this project? $_________

Is there any wiggle room? yes no

Design & style of your new space

Have you created a scrapbook of notes, magazine clippings and other ideas that have helped you shape your ideas for what your new kitchen or bath might look like? If so, please bring it with you!

Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?

Have you determined any particular style you’d like your new space to resemble? (e.g., arts & crafts, euro-contemporary, formal, casual-contemporary, southwest, etc.)?

When was your house built?

What is the style of the rest of your house?

Are there any design elements in other parts of your house that you’d like to incorporate into your new space? Is there enough natural light in your current space?

Would you be willing to make structural changes (e.g., move/add windows & doors; remove walls, etc.) if it was determined that layout and overall functionality could be greately improved by doing so?

Would you like to have a separate pantry area for dry goods storage?

What do you like most about your current space?

What do you like least about your current space?

Family& lifestyle — kitchen

Number of household members:

Approximate ages:

How long do you plan on living in your home?

Where does your family currently eat meals?

Is this arrangement satisfactory?

Do you require a Kitchen Table or would you be willing to consider other design options?

Besides food prep, what other activities would you like to take place in your new kitchen?

Once your remodeling is complete, do you plan to entertain more frequently?

What is your entertaining style?  casual  semi-casual  formal

Are your gatherings typically large or small?

How often do you shop for groceries?

If you buy in bulk, do you require storage in the kitchen for all or most of these items?

Would you like a space within your kitchen for recycleables?

Cooking style

Who is the primary cook in your family and what is their style of cooking?

Is the primary cook right or left-handed?

How tall is the primary cook?

Does your primary cook like to have the kitchen to themselves or do they enjoy helpers & visitors while preparing meals?

Would you like to have an additional workstation in your new kitchen?

Appliance & fixture selection

Have you identified the appliances you’d like to have in your new kitchen?

For your range, how many burners do you require?  4  6  8

griddle in the middle; wok burner, etc.?

(fyi: if you go with a professional style range, you’ll
require good ventilation — min. 750cfm fan)

Have you familiarized yourself with the different styles of range hoods?

What size refrigerator would you like to have?  30″w  36″w  42″w  larger

Do you require a dishwasher?

Do you require a microwave?

Do you require a built-in coffee/espresso machine?

How many ovens would you like to have? Would you like them stacked on a wall or beneath the counter top?

Would you like to have a convection oven?

Would you like to have a warming drawer?

Would you like to separate your cooktop from your oven?

What kind of sink would you like to have (ie., single bowl, double bowl, farm sink, stainless steel, soapstone, etc.)

Where would you like to put the garbage recepticle? under the sink; in an adjacent cabinet?

Would you like to have a garbage disposal?

Would you like to have a garbage compactor?

Would you like to have a hot water dispenser at the sink?

Family & lifestyle — Bathroom

Who uses this bathroom?

Would you like to have more natural light in your bathroom?

Would you like to have two sinks in your new bathroom?

Would you like to have two shower heads in your new bathroom?

Would you like a space within your bathroom for a hamper?

If its determined that there’s enough space, would you like to have a separate bathtub & walk-in shower?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. The information above will help us better understand your individual needs.

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