New to remodeling?

Here are some things to keep in mind (a little Murphy’s law too!) …

  • It always takes longer than you expect (especially if you change your mind during the job!)
  • no matter how clean we keep the jobsite, there’ll still be a lot of dust
  • your family’s lives will be inconvenienced while the work is being done
  • your animals’ lives will be inconvenienced while the work is being done
  • your house will not feel the same while it’s being worked on
  • you will have to eat out more than you want
  • you may have to join a gym while your only bathroom is being remodeled
  • you may have to do your laundry at Launderland
  • you may have to do a sleep-over at someone else’s house a couple nights
  • you may temporarily lose your sense of humor (but hopefully you’ll find it again before the job’s done!)
  • did we mention there’ll be a lot of dust?
  • after it’s all done you’ll look back and say, “Thank you Custom Spaces!” —  “It was worth it, I love my new space!”


Phases of a project

There are several phases common to every project — here they are broken down:

Phase I: design and specification, building permits, ordering cabinets, appliances and fixtures
Phase II: demolition
Phase III: rough in new framing, electrical, mechanical, insulation and sheetrock, city inspections
Phave IV: trim & casement, prep & paint
Phase V: new cabinet installation, plywood substrate on cabinets, sink and faucet installation
Phase VI: new countertop measurement
Phase VII: new flooring installation
Phase VIII: appliance installation
Phase IX: countertop and backsplash installation, electrical/plumbing trim-out, final building inspections
Phase X: We’re done… time to party!


Turn-around times to keep in mind:

  • cabinets will take 6-8 weeks for delivery (depending upon wood species and finish)
  • cabinets may take up to 2 weeks to install (may be longer for a very large kitchen)
  • countertops will take approximately 10 days to fabricate (after template)
  • appliances can take up to 6 weeks for delivery, so the sooner you make your selections the better
  • decorative lighting (surface-mounted pendent lights) may take as long as 4weeks for delivery
  • ceramic tile (for backsplash, shower surround or flooring) can take up to 4 weeks for delivery (more for handmade specialty tiles)
  • decorative tile backsplash will be installed after the counter tops are installed


Surviving your remodel

Here are some tips to help you keep your sanity and remain focused on the end result — your beautiful new space!

  • be flexible and willing to make compromises if necessary (especially in older homes — surprises are everywhere)
  • cover doorways into adjoining rooms with plastic sheeting (if you must have access, be sure to use sheeting with zippers which will allow you to come and go)
  • be sure to roll up rugs and cover all furniture and bookcases in adjoining rooms (we suggest using plastic drop cloths)
  • pack up and put away everything you don’t need on a daily basis (and label the boxes so you know what’s in them). This will help keep most of your things dust-free and keep them from becoming lost or misplaced.
  • if you’re doing a kitchen remodel, you’ll be without a kitchen sink for a while. So, if possible, set up a temporary “kitchen” someplace away from the construction area where you can wash dishes, use a microwave, coffee pot, collect garbage, keep food cold and perhaps even set up a table to prep food and eat quick meals.
  • consider using disposable plates and cups (paper recycles) to keep dishwashing to a minimum
  • collect restaurant coupons and take-out menus for those nights when you just don’t feel like dealing with it!
  • try to relax and have confidence in Custom Spaces. There will be a beautiful new space waiting for you once all the dust is gone!

Our Creative Process

With over twenty years of combined industry experience, our full-service design team will help you create the space you’re envisioning.

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